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Ready-to-use Product
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Ready-to-use Product

a product (system) provide by us and we can implemented to your company.

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Face Detect Engine

with IP Camera

Face Access Engine

with Facepad

Attendee System

with Facepad

Secure Key Exchange

API (Generator)

Email marketing

Integrate with Big Data

Customized Product

a product requested by user or company, and we will provide it.

Scoring System


API Integration

JSON / Web Service

Face Search DB


Big Data Integration


Attendee System

with IP Camera

Web Dashboard

Big Data Private Environment

Crawling Engine

Big Data Private Environment

Data Cleaning Engine

Big Data Private Environment

Indexing Engine

Big Data Private Environment


Moving back to future.

  • 1982 -SMMA

    PT Sinar Mas Multiartha

    A financial company in Indonesia in the form of a limited liability company and is engaged in financial services. This company is incorporated in the Sinar Mas Group. Established in 1982 under the name of PT Internas Artha Leasing Company.

  • Nowadays

    Now SMMA is developing several bigdata based products, data stored in one centralized repository which simplifies the analytics and management. Powerful infrastructure gives your organization competitive edge and increased revenue.

  • Activities

    SMMA helps the organization to turn a huge amount of Big Data into real-time insight with Hadoop. It enables distributed data storage and advanced computation capabilities.